About Our Company


Creating and launching new direct mail fund raising programs.

Expanding the size and scope of existing direct mail programs.

Enhancing programs to set the stage for large individual gifts, capital fund raising, endowment programs as well as wills and bequests.


We Specialize in...

We Raise Funds for a variety of needs...

Spiritual Outreach in both Domestic and Foreign Missions
Devotional Programs
Training and Education of Seminarians
Construction and Maintenance for Religious Housing Facilities
Medical Treatment and Programs for Retired, and Aged Religious
Health, Education and Medical programs for people in need in foreign and domestic missions

Pauline D Groh



Kenneth J Groh




To learn more about our direct mail fund raising services and to arrange 
for a no-cost evaluation of your existing program or your potential to 
create a new program, please contact us:


Development Associates Incorporated
5 Ridge Road
Framingham MA 01701-5020


Phone: (508) 788-1400
Fax: (508) 788-1450

Email: info@develassoc.com



Located 32 miles west of Boston...
Just minutes from the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) interchange. 

Development Associates Incorporated
5 Ridge Road
Framingham MA 

Phone: (508) 788-1400


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